Saturday, October 1, 2011


Today's post is inspired by one of the blogs I follow. (Seriously amazing. If simple cards are your cup of tea, I highly recommend this blog.) Anywho, basically the challenge is creating a card that speaks "simplicity". So often nowadays I find myself wanting more, more, MORE! So reading this post was particularly refreshing. I don't need a million things to make a lovely card; just some creativity and able fingers. So, to start this challenge, I immediately reminisced about making my first cards. All I had back then was paper, scissors, and glue. So I made a card using just those things.
I decided to omit a sentiment because that would take away from the simple design, and stamps and inks are things that "complicate" my cardmaking process. I did add a button and some embroiderly floss to the center of the flower because it needed something. I would like to add that both of those two items have been in my stash since I was about 16; long before I started making cards :) I'm not going to bother with a supply list; this supplies are too old and I don't remember. Thanks for stopping by! Feel free to leave questions or comments below!

Until next time!


  1. Jessica! I stumbled onto your blog and I love your cards. Someday, when you get your life back, you have to post some more.

    1. Thanks, Lindsy! I do have a lot more cards that I can blog about and I will try to get more posted; life is pretty low-key right now.