Saturday, June 18, 2011

CAS: Meant to Be

Do you ever buy variety packs? Of course you do, we all have. I have a habit of letting those hard to use pieces sit around and sit around because I'm never inspired to be THAT creative. I have had these small spikey paper pieces ever since I started crafting. I'll pick them up from time to time and try to use them, but each time they have thwarted me. They're too small for putting text on them, they aren't in the shape of anything, and the colors are too crazy for most palettes anyway. Then, I finally thought of a use for these small spikey pieces. Add some teeny googly-eyes, a popped up heart, some sentimental shmop, and boom, you've got yourself a card! (Think I used enough made up words in this post so far?)
I've always been a science geek, so it's really only natural for me to come up with some microbe-looking critters on a love card. Noted: this card is not for everyone. Eccentricity and good sense of humor required. Also note, when trying to work with teeny tiny googly-eyes, use liquid glue on the paper, and then position the googly-eyes with an exacto-knife. (or if there's an easier way, I would like to hear it :). Feel free to leave questions or comments!

Cardstock: white-the paper company
Text: printed from Microsoft Word
Misc: 1/8" googly-eyes

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